The Calming Place

I have been interested in arts and crafts for many years. As a teenager, I would find loving to go to arts and crafts class or buying some type of crafty project from the store. Even as an adult I loved to draw pictures, color, paint, crochet, or just make things in general. Being creative is something that I have always loved to do. Creating gives me the opportunity to step outside of my day-to-day and put a something special in the atmosphere.

Fast forward to 2020. Covid19 hit, I was working a job that I despised, and I was homeschooling three children. I felt stressed, tired, yet I did not want to complain because I knew that there were people who were worse off than myself. Yes, I hated my job, and my kids were driving me crazy, but I had to think about the flipside. I had stable income, a roof over my head, and my children were safe.

In the midst of my internal struggles, I was still seeking myself. What do I want to do with my life? How can I be successful and still fulfil my purpose? Have I found my purpose? To be honest, I still feel as I though I do not have al the answers to these questions. A year later and I am still just a lost as I was before. With this being said, all is not lost.

The year of Covid19 did take me back to my days of crafting. That sense of calm that I felt when I was working on a new project. It all started off with making waist beads. A simple craft, yet fulfilling because of the beautifying feeling it can give someone once the string of beads are placed on ones waist. The creativity I felt when coming up with different combinations and names for the jewelry. Not to mention I also enjoy wearing them as well.

Waist beads then transformed into bracelets. Bracelet making gives the same feeling as the waist beads and depending on the style of bracelet can be more time consuming. I love making the loom bead bracelets. It kind of seems like a magic trick how the beads are loomed onto the thread to create an image, word, or simple pattern.

Embrace Me Beads LLC is not just a hobby but also a calming place in all the chaos. Have you found your calm?

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